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Finding a Home Inspector, Buying Tips Continued

After finding a home and choosing a realtor to represent you, a very important step comes next. CHOOSING A HOME INSPECTOR!  Your realtor may suggest a few home inspectors that are in the area.  You may choose to go ahead with an inspector that is recommended or you...

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Home is where the Heart is! Buying Tips !

Can a home inspector fail the house you're looking to buy?  A home inspector will not look for code compliances, but will look or point out safety issues or issues that may cause problem in the future. An appraiser should only determine the values of a home and not do...

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Glen’s Home Inspections Shares Big News

Big news! Glen's Home Inspections, located in Garrett County, Maryland, is excited to launch our newly redesigned website, Our goal with this site is to streamline the information for you and make the site easier to navigate by building an...

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