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Testimonial from Joe E

Thank you Glen! You're the best! Your recommendations are greatly appreciated and because of your excellent review I can get the property to where I want it. Best wishes to you and your family!! Joe - Joe E

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Testimonial from Lorri T

Hi Glen, Thank you for sending over the reports so quickly. It was a pleasure meeting you yesterday! I really appreciate the time and attention you put into inspecting the house. Stay Safe and Healthy Lorri L. Thornton, TBI Contracting - Lorri T

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Testimonial from Jeff and JoAnn B

We were so pleased with Glen's inspection of the home we wanted to buy. His report was extremely through and easy to read. He also got it to us quickly. He was so helpful when we called him about some clarifications that we needed. He takes customer service seriously...

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Testimonial from Kayla & Dillon M

We heard about Glen through our realtor, and I am forever thankful that we did! He does an amazing job and truly cares about his customers. He protected us from buying an unsafe home and just completed a second home inspection for us. Thank you, Glen! - Kayla &...

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Testimonial from Lissa Verrone

Glen did an excellent job with our home inspection. As an inspector he is very diversified and through. He both personable and professional. Reports are detailed and easy to understand and use to negotiate or correct any home deficiencies. Highly recommend. Lissa...

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Testimonial from Christy and Jess d

Glen is fantastic! He does an amazingly thorough job assessing homes. We have hired him twice now for assessing our potential new homes. Because of him we have saved ourselves from some real doozies. We will never hire anyone else to do this for us. He is truly...

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Testimonial from Jack Brode

We were extremely pleased with the home inspection. Glen is very professional, knowledgeable, and detailed in what he does and in the report. His inspection definitely helped us make a decision on whether to buy the house or not. We would highly recommend his services...

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Buying Property with Piece of Mind

This tip is a formula for success and piece of mind, hire a reputable and experienced Home Inspector! Glen's Home Inspections are always looking for relevant factors that will pinpoint any foreseeable problems before you make your big purchase. Buying Real Estate is...

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