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General Home Inspection

The General Home Inspection will take 3-4 hours, depending on the size, age and condition of the home. We use new updated inspection software that gives my clients detailed colored pictures, some taken with a drone, a summary page or pages of the homes story. There will be a room to room break down of all components, electrical, plumbing or structural. a lot of time goes into a Home Inspection Report so it may take a few hours to complete your report, once I am back at my office. After review of all photos and findings, the report will be sent by email or via US Postal Service. I will guarantee a same day report will be sent.

I encourage all buyers to be available to attend the inspection, as showing is better than telling. I will work with you to schedule the inspection when it suits you best.

Your Inspection could include:

  1. Electrical System, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, Heating Systems, Furnace, Fireplace
  2. Appliances, Kitchens, Bath/Plumbing, Water Heaters, Safety Systems
  3. Structural (Inside and Out), Floors/Floor Joists, Ceilings, Walls, Doors, Basement, Attic, Windows, Crawl Spaces, Garages, Foundations, Vapor Barriers/Insulation
  4. Roof, Chimneys, Flashing, Downspouts, Water Damage
  5. Site Overview, Drainage, Retaining Walls, Gutters, Walkways, Fences, Decks and Porches/Patios

During the Inspection, some findings may require a specialized investigation by a third party such as a pest inspector, chimney sweep, licensed plumber, or HVAC specialist.  At this point we would recommend remediation or correction of the problem.


Home Inspection Photo Gallery

A sample of items we have discovered during home inspections.

Customer Testimonials

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Additional Services Offered

For an additional fee, we also offer the following services to complement your home inspection:

Radon Testing

Continuous Radon Monitor (E.P.A. approved) that must remain in the home for a minimum of 72 hours. Calibration on file.

Water Testing

Bacteria and Chemical

Mold Testing

Certified and Licensed Mold Inspector and tested at an accredited lab.

Additional Inspections Offered


New Construction Oversight Inspections or New Construction Final Inspection

As you are building your dream house, even with a great builder, things can get overlooked. To ensure that the builder is meeting expectations, we will monitor your construction on a periodically scheduled basis and call you with an update or send you a written progress report. This kind of inspection will keep your builder “honest” and on top of your construction.

Many times a new home will have electrical components that may not work, or a plumber may have had a leak or had forgotten to pressure test a connection. Sometimes there are small items that have been overlooked, but can cause a big problem to the new homeowner. These are all good reasons to have a final inspection before the final closing date on your home.

Many people choose to have a final inspection just before the expiration date of the builder’s warranty period. As you have lived in the home and have had some changes in weather, there may be some needed corrections before the end of the warranty period. Choose to have your inspection a month or two before the end of the warranty period, thus allowing time for you to notify the builder of any corrections that need done.


Partial, Re-inspections and Pre-listing Inspections

Partial Inspections are also offered at an hourly rate and many homeowners use this as a health checkup for their home. Preventative maintenance will save a homeowner time and money in the future.

Pre-listing Inspections are becoming very popular as a seller can correct problems and are more likely to get the selling price they want. The Pre-listing report can be left out at the showing of your home for the prospective buyer to clearly see the improvement you have made.

Re-inspections are always a good idea. Doing a re-inspection puts your mind at ease that the repairs have been done properly before you go to closing.

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