What others are saying about our services.

Testimonial from Joe E

Thank you Glen! You’re the best!
Your recommendations are greatly appreciated and because of your excellent review I can get the property to where I want it.
Best wishes to you and your family!!

– Joe E

Testimonial from Lorri T

Hi Glen,
Thank you for sending over the reports so quickly. It was a pleasure meeting you yesterday! I really appreciate the time and attention you put into inspecting the house.
Stay Safe and Healthy
Lorri L. Thornton, TBI Contracting

– Lorri T

Testimonial from Jeff and JoAnn B

We were so pleased with Glen’s inspection of the home we wanted to buy. His report was extremely through and easy to read. He also got it to us quickly. He was so helpful when we called him about some clarifications that we needed. He takes customer service seriously and his knowledge and professionalism is a great asset that we were glad to have in our corner ! Over the years we have had at least 15 home inspections on properties that we were purchasing and Glen’s inspection was the BEST !

– Jeff and JoAnn B

Testimonial from Kayla & Dillon M

We heard about Glen through our realtor, and I am forever thankful that we did! He does an amazing job and truly cares about his customers. He protected us from buying an unsafe home and just completed a second home inspection for us.

Thank you, Glen!

– Kayla & Dillon M

Testimonial from Lissa Verrone

Glen did an excellent job with our home inspection. As an inspector he is very diversified and through. He both personable and professional. Reports are detailed and easy to understand and use to negotiate or correct any home deficiencies. Highly recommend.
Lissa Verrone

Testimonial from Christy and Jess d

Glen is fantastic! He does an amazingly thorough job assessing homes. We have hired him twice now for assessing our potential new homes. Because of him we have saved ourselves from some real doozies. We will never hire anyone else to do this for us. He is truly awesome!

– Christy and Jess d

Testimonial from Jack Brode

We were extremely pleased with the home inspection. Glen is very professional, knowledgeable, and detailed in what he does and in the report. His inspection definitely helped us make a decision on whether to buy the house or not. We would highly recommend his services and if needed would use him again.

– Jack Brode


Glen, we really appreciate the phenomenal job you did on our home inspection. Your attention to detail and willingness to explain your observations were impressive. Your inspection report with narratives and photos captured the issues that needed to be addressed and put us in a great position to have an informed discussion with our seller regarding corrective actions Your knowledge of multiple trades and experience shows. Thank you for a great job!

Richard Adams


My husband and I decided to purchase our forever home when the opportunity presented itself, but there wasn’t much time for planning, as we are awaiting the arrival of our first child in less than a week. I heard about Glen and contacted him immediately when we needed an inspector for the house – best decision ever! He has worked with us so well, being all hands on deck whenever we needed him (not just once, but twice.) Very thorough with his inspections, decently priced, personable, and accommodating…more could you ask for when needing to hire an inspector? Thanks, Glen!

Kristen Wellings


Glen, Thank you for your services. It is appreciated! 

Melinda Wise

Glen was great, very professional and it was clear he knew his trade.

John Sinkiewicz


Thank you so much. This is extremely helpful. I really like your report, so easy to follow!!

Thanks, Julie & Shawn


Thank you so much!

Derek And April


Mr. Glen took his time and explained all he did! Thank You

Janet W.


Glen is a pleasure to work with. He responded quickly to time constraints surrounding the home purchase, and provided a clear, comprehensive inspection report. Very pleased!

Kim Maffett 


Thank you for your prompt and thorough inspection.

 Mr. Champlin


Very thorough and easy to follow graphics in report. Thank you for your responsiveness and your comprehensive report.

Best Regards, Daniel


Glen, We really appreciate the extra time you took explaining everything to us during the inspection. I’ve included a gift card to the Creamery. Please let us know what you think. Thanks for making the inspection process less stressful. God Bless you!

Marissa & Brandon


Thank you so much for your expertise, patience, and professionalism during the inspection process. You were extremely thorough and provided me with a great understanding about my upcoming home.

Dawn Bonella


Glen, Thank you for your professionalism and patience yesterday. I really appreciate the time you spent explaining things to me. You were very helpful. I am anxious about moving to another building, but I feel better now that I know more of what I can expect. I know that things can go wrong at any building, but I always felt I knew my current building and could reasonably anticipate and plan for repairs. At least I have a clearer understanding of the present shape of of the building and know what costs I can ask the city to provide for me in my negotiations.

Sincerely, Sally


Dear Glen, We have had inspections in the past, but you were an outstanding inspector! Will definitely be calling again and I spoke to my realtor about the fantastic job you have done for us. We are buying and hope to invite you over!

John R.


Glen, I wanted to thank you myself for the report on Tenderfoot. I had been with these buyers but had to give them to Larry. Your generosity on this inspection is another example of why I really like doing business with you. The fact that your work is good is the other. Thanks again and I hope we can do business together many more times this year.

Bradley Nesline, Long and Foster Realty


Glen, I wanted to take a second and give you a deserved shout out! Finally closing on my home as of yesterday felt so good! It was a crazy long process but your efforts saved us so many times along the way. Your thorough evaluations of the homes my wife and I looked at helped us pick out the perfect house!

I would highly recommend your services over anyone else in the tri-state area! Cheers to your excellent service and support!

 James Mou


Dear Glen, Thanks for the quick inspection report.

George at Tickle Pink Inn at Carmel Highlands


Dear Glen, Thank you for doing a very thorough and competent inspection of Sunset Drive 111 earlier today.We all benefited from your expertize and will refer to you the next time the opportunity arises.

Thanks again, (Dr.) Harry Mavromatis


Thanks so much for all of your hard work! We really appreciate it and plan on recommending you to all our friends/family! 

 Brooke Iser 


I can’t thank you enough! Thanks for taking time out of your day to look at the railing question.

Tony & Elaine DePietro


Dear Glen, Hopefully this message is finding you in excellent health and spirits! I just wanted to share with you how much I appreciated all that you did for my wife Nicole and me yesterday afternoon. Yes, it was your job, but you did far and above what was necessary, and were a true delight to work with. I definitely appreciated your positive attitude, willingness to answer any questions anyone had, and share with me your suggestions regarding someone new moving into the area. This report certainly is all inclusive and I am totally delighted in not only it’s findings, but how complete and detailed it is. It was definitely money well spent.

Kindest regards, Kirk


Thanks Glen..I really appreciate and respect your ongoing commitment to clients.

Cheers to you, Tom Yawkey


Dear Glen, Thank you for all of your assistance with our many clients. Your knowledge and expertise in all areas of building, foundations, roofs, mold and radon. Your thorough detail is most trusted and your step to go the extra mile, makes our transactions between buyer and seller a breeze. I look forward to calling for your services in the future. 

Thanks Glen, Lisa Goodfellow


Glen, Thanks for your thorough inspection services. We have now finally landed on the right home for us and are confident that all issues were identified and resolved before closing. You’ve been a tremendous help to us as we’ve navigated the Deep Creek market.

Ted & Sandy Graves


Now when we enter our house, it feels like we’re walking into a new home! The ez Breathe system has helped to solve our moisture and mold problem, and completely removed the stale, musty odor – for good. Thanks for the good inspection and the advice on the Ez Breathe, We love it!

Richard And Tonya Spaggins

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