Environmental Inspection Services

Environmental inspection services to ensure all aspects of your home are safe.

Specialized Tests

These are some very important tests to consider when having a home inspection done. It is always up to the client.

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When should you consider a Mold Test?

  • When you see visible mold
  • When you have had a visible mold cleanup
  • When a third party was involved with a cleanup to ensure repairs have been done properly
  • When you have had a recent water event, such as leaking or broken pipes, flooding, ect.
  • When you have a “musty” smell
  • If a resident is having respiratory problems
  • Verify recent Mold Remediation
  • General concerns from house sitting vacant for a period of time

Mold isn’t a bad word, all homes have mold. Mold becomes a problem when it is not dormant, when visible and is causing property damage. Mold testing can help to find the root cause of the mold so that it can be removed.

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