This tip is a formula for success and piece of mind, hire a reputable and experienced Home Inspector! Glen’s Home Inspections are always looking for relevant factors that will pinpoint any foreseeable problems before you make your big purchase.

Buying Real Estate is wonderful, exciting and a satisfying experience. Buying Real Estate can also be a killer! It is so important to order a Home Inspection no matter what family, friends or Real Estate agents tell you. You have made the best buying decision when you feel piece of mind.

Just a few weeks ago, I had an agent tell a customer that you don’t want a home inspection if you are selling, but you want a home inspection if you are buying. Really?  Ask me about technical issues, increased energy efficiency, healthy crawlspaces, mold, damp basements and structural issues. Ask me either before you decide to sell or after you decide to buy. Either way, it can save you money in the long run!