Spring is here and the cleanup and maintenance begins. Curb-appeal is important, but it is a good idea to take a few minutes to look closely at your big investment, your Home!

  • In the last few weeks while doing several home inspections, Glen has noticed debris around wood structures, log homes and along wooden door jamb that has or may have begun to cause wood rot.
  • It is also very important to check for places that may need some re-calking from the freezing conditions here in Garrett and Western Maryland’s beautiful counties. Re-caulking windows, sills, and doors will keep moisture and also insect intrusions from occurring.
  • Clean out your gutters regularly as they usually will have leaves and debris in them from fall and winter. This debris will plug the downspouts and cause the rain water to overflow the gutters and seep into the ground around your foundation, thus causing a wet or damp basement or crawlspace.
  • If you find loose shingles or shingles that have blown off, call a roofing specialist or replace those immediately as a leak may not show up until you have some damage to your ceilings.
  • Finally, pressure washing decks and siding to remove any organic growth will bring pleasure when you step back and say, This is my Home!

If at anytime you have a question about your home or wish to have your home inspected, please go to www.glenshomeinspection.com or call me at 301-616-8107. Glen will always be glad to help give you some Peace of Mind.